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Selasa, 22 September 2015

Distributor Miller Welding Machine & Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Machine

The company which specialized in welding & general business. Our company is well experienced in materials, tools, and equipments supply. We have supplied major projects such as oil company, pipe line, mining, manufacturing, fabrication and power station. 
We are an Authorized Distributor and General Technical Supplier 
 product :
Miller Big Blue Series ( 600X & 500X )
Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Machine 
Phoenix Electrode Oven
Weldcraft Tig Torch Welding
Bernard Mig Gun Welding
Welding accessories & Consumables.
Service, Repair & Spare Part for Welding Machine 
Melayani penjualan yang cepat dan mudah untuk Informasi dan pemesanan silahkan 

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