Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Distributor Miller Indonesia

Authorized Distributor Miller Indonesia

It is the Distributor of welding machines, Spare parts , accessories and serving service welding machine
for Industry and national projects in meeting the needs, it can not be separated
from the support of engine spare parts used. production process can be halted if one component of that machine does not function properly if the replacement component is not available in the local market. because of lack of bolts and industrial spare parts can break down in a matter of days, how many losses he suffered,
Supply engineering tools and spare parts in the industry to be very crucial to be observed.
The first is industrial consumers or manufacturers that are very specific.
The two is availability of spare parts supply from distributors,
The third is after-sales service, and
the last is where the goods could be obtained.

PT. DUTA GRAHA MILLER, a company which specialized in welding & general business. Our company is well experienced in materials, tools, and equipments supply. We have supplied major projects such as oil company, pipe line, mining, manufacturing, fabrication and power station. We are an Authorized Distributor and General Technical Supplier, for the following product :

MILLER ( USA ) Welding Machine

HYPERTHERM ( USA ) Plasma Cutting

PHOENIX, ING DRYER ( USA ) Electrode Oven


H & M ( USA ) Pipe & Beveling Machine

VICTOR ( USA ) Cutting Torch

KOBE ( JPN ) Welding Consumable